Is there a money-back guarantee?

SUMUS Online is free to those looking for legal help. Therefore, no money-back guarantee is necessary. We also want our attorneys to be thrilled with their SUMUS Online experience. So we have guarantees in place for them to make sure they're satisfied too!

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How much will an attorney cost?

There really is no way for SUMUS Online to answer that question. Not even your attorney will be able to answer the "money question" without getting to know your situation better. Generally, attorneys charge by the hour but sometimes they may have a single fee to cover a particular engagement. When you have your free

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Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not! There are no fees for using SUMUS Online. Our matching services are absolutely free to you and so is your initial consultation. There will be fees if you decide to hire your attorney and those will be discussed during your initial consultation. Such fees will be paid directly to your attorney.

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How much does SUMUS Online cost?

SUMUS Online is free for people looking for legal help. That's because attorneys pay a monthly subscription to be included in our matching services. That's how we keep it free to the general public. Our subscriptions are extremely cost-effective for any size law firm. Most pay using funds allocated to advertising expenses.

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