May I use your logo?

If you wish to use the SUMUS Online logo, please obtain written permission from us. If we agree, we will provide a file sized and formatted for your particular need. We discourage links to the logo stored on our website for advertising purposes. We prefer to provide the file to you directly.

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May I advertise or mention your service?

We welcome promotional links to SUMUS Online from other websites, blogs, or social media. We request that references to SUMUS Online include a link pointing directly to our main home page. We also welcome the positive mention of our services in print media. If you wish to use our logo, please contact us for permission

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How long does the survey take?

Our goal is for you to be able to complete the survey in under 2 minutes. In most cases, you'll know the answers instantly without digging through old papers. Questions are structured in a very mobile-friendly way. Most questions are on the screen one at a time with one-click answer buttons.

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