Frequency Asked Questions

May I use your logo?2019-10-24T01:40:22-06:00

If you wish to use the SUMUS Online logo, please obtain written permission from us. If we agree, we will provide a file sized and formatted for your particular need.

We discourage links to the logo stored on our website for advertising purposes. We prefer to provide the file to you directly.

May I advertise or mention your service?2019-10-24T01:42:47-06:00

We welcome promotional links to SUMUS Online from other websites, blogs, or social media. We request that references to SUMUS Online include a link pointing directly to our main home page.

We also welcome the positive mention of our services in print media. If you wish to use our logo, please contact us for permission and a file sized and formatted specifically for your print medium.

When using our domain name, please use the URL as shown below in either of these examples:



What if I do not have money to pay for legal help?2019-10-24T01:24:29-06:00

We still encourage you to use SUMUS Online. Our mission is to make expert legal help available to everyone. The survey will provide appropriate guidance based on your answers.

Most people will indeed have to pay for legal help at some point. In many cases, that expense far outweighs the risks and potential losses.

If you are in a desolate situation in life and have zero financial resources but still need legal help— complete the survey and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

Can I write an article for your blog?2019-10-24T01:18:47-06:00

We welcome guest authors and articles appropriate to our services. Please contact us for our publishing requirements.

Who built your website?2019-10-24T01:27:19-06:00

Our website was built by Famous Brains Inc.

They also host and maintain this website and we highly recommend their services.

Are you going to sell my information?2019-10-24T01:13:09-06:00

Absolutely not.

We won’t sell any of your information. That includes your email address.

You may receive offers directly from SUMUS Online but you’ll have the ability to opt-out.

Does SUMUS Online have a Terms of Use statement?2019-10-24T01:03:53-06:00

Yes, we do. We invite you to review our Terms of Use. The Terms of Use policy is also often called a Terms and Conditions policy.

We maintain both as a single document.

Does SUMUS Online have a Privacy Policy?2019-10-24T00:59:25-06:00

Absolutely. We invite you to review our Privacy Policy and welcome any questions or comments.

We also maintain a GDPR Privacy Policy.

Does SUMUS Online use Cookies?2019-10-24T00:57:08-06:00

Absolutely. Nearly all websites use cookies to give you a personalized, unique experience. They also help maintain a secure environment.

We invite you to review our published Cookies Policy for all the details.

How do I use SUMUS Online?2019-10-24T00:54:41-06:00

After you have visited our home page, just click on any of the GET STARTED buttons and complete the short survey. Once you’ve completed the survey, you’ll be matched with a great local attorney.

Is there a money-back guarantee?2019-10-24T00:51:39-06:00

SUMUS Online is free to those looking for legal help. Therefore, no money-back guarantee is necessary.

We also want our attorneys to be thrilled with their SUMUS Online experience. So we have guarantees in place for them to make sure they’re satisfied too!

How long does the survey take?2019-10-24T00:46:55-06:00

Our goal is for you to be able to complete the survey in under 2 minutes. In most cases, you’ll know the answers instantly without digging through old papers.

Questions are structured in a very mobile-friendly way. Most questions are on the screen one at a time with one-click answer buttons.

What kind of questions are in the SUMUS Online survey?2019-10-24T00:47:08-06:00

In order to match you to an appropriate attorney, we will ask you a series of questions in a short online survey. Questions are structured in a very mobile-friendly way. Most questions are on the screen one at a time with one-click answer buttons. Our goal is for you to be able to complete the survey in under 2 minutes.

Things we may ask for depending on your legal needs:

  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Relationship status
  • Job-status
  • Information about the legal issue
  • Pending legal actions

Things we will NOT ask for:

  • Social Security Number
  • Drivers License Number
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Sexual Orientation
Is there a credit check or a background check?2019-10-24T00:47:19-06:00

SUMUS Online does not run a credit check or a background check on system users.

What if I don’t like my attorney?2019-10-24T00:23:46-06:00

After your free consultation, if you don’t feel your attorney is a good match, just come back to SUMUS Online and request a different match. You can do this one time as long as you have not signed up with your first attorney.

When you request a re-match, your first attorney will be notified and we will match you to a different attorney. Please keep in mind that we alert the second attorney that you’ve had a prior free consultation but we don’t give them any details. Your second attorney might ask you a few questions about your first free consultation to try to understand how to give you a better experience the second time.

How will I communicate with my attorney?2019-10-23T23:57:40-06:00

Once you have completed the survey, SUMUS Online will immediately establish a connection to a nearby attorney. Your initial introduction will happen within SUMUS Online— afterwhich your attorney will likely want to talk with you on the phone or by text.

How soon will I get to talk with my attorney?2019-10-23T23:58:32-06:00

You’ll be in touch with your attorney just as quickly as you finish the mobile-friendly survey.

When you finish the survey, SUMUS Online immediately establishes a connection with a qualified, nearby attorney.

Is my information secure?2019-10-24T00:47:33-06:00

From the very first moment you visit our site, all personal information is encrypted. Any information you choose to share with us is further encrypted when placed in our database. We maintain substantial physical and virtual security systems around all of our servers. We take security very seriously.

Is my information kept private?2019-10-24T00:47:45-06:00

We adhere to a very strict privacy policy. Any information we gather about you and your legal concerns is considered your private data. We will never sell your data– not even your email address. We only release your personal information to your selected Attorney. No one else. Period.

Which smartphones work with SUMUS Online?2019-10-24T00:48:05-06:00

SUMUS Online uses flexible mobile-web technology. That means you can use any modern smartphone browser. No app is necessary.

SUMUS Online will work with nearly any modern smartphone, tablet PC, laptop, or desktop computer.

How do I know if an attorney is qualified to help me?2019-10-24T00:02:13-06:00

Every attorney using SUMUS Online is an active member of the State Bar and is qualified to practice law in the given state. We intend to match you with an attorney experienced in the area of law where you need help.

When you speak with your attorney, ask him or her to share their qualifications with you.

How much will an attorney cost?2019-10-24T00:06:07-06:00

There really is no way for SUMUS Online to answer that question. Not even your attorney will be able to answer the “money question” without getting to know your situation better.

Generally, attorneys charge by the hour but sometimes they may have a single fee to cover a particular engagement. When you have your free consultation, your attorney will explain their fee structure.

And remember! SUMUS Online is free and so is your initial consultation.

Are there any hidden fees?2019-10-24T00:07:47-06:00

Absolutely not! There are no fees for using SUMUS Online.

Our matching services are absolutely free to you and so is your initial consultation.

There will be fees if you decide to hire your attorney and those will be discussed during your initial consultation. Such fees will be paid directly to your attorney.

How much does SUMUS Online cost?2019-10-24T00:13:14-06:00

SUMUS Online is free for people looking for legal help. That’s because attorneys pay a monthly subscription to be included in our matching services. That’s how we keep it free to the general public.

Our subscriptions are extremely cost-effective for any size law firm. Most pay using funds allocated to advertising expenses.

If you still have questions after reviewing this page, please get in touch with us via email: support@SumusOnline.com.

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